Initiate deep linking from browser

I wanted to test deep links on my phone. According to WhatsApp site, tapping whatsapp://send?text=<text> link on browser should launch WhatsApp app. I have the WhatsApp app installed, but when I went to the browser and typed whatsapp://send?text=Hello%20World! (which is a deep link that opens WhatsApp to send a “hello world” message), I get a […]

Storing offline Google Maps on SD card

I’m trying to force Google Maps to store offline map data to my SD card by using symbolic links, however it crashes once I try to run it. I copied the data folder to the link2sd partition on the SD card (while retaining ownership/permissions) with: # cp -Rp /data/data/ /data/sdext2/data Removed old directory and linked […]

Why does a child process of a shell script (or any process) inherit the standard input of its parent?

I have a Bash script that gets invoked like this: < input_file.txt All does is run some other program: #!/bin/bash otherprogram Now when “otherprogram” reads from stdin, it gets text from input_file.txt, without any need to explicitly redirect the standard input of into otherprogram. I don’t know a lot about how processes […]